mercredi 15 janvier 2014

Leonetto Cappiello : Je ne fume que le Nil

Artist: Leonetto Cappiello

Advertising: Le Nil - cigarette paper company

Era: 1910s

Leonetto Cappiello (1875 – 1942) was an Italian poster art designer who lived in Paris. He is now often called 'the father of modern advertising' because of his innovation in poster design. The early advertising poster was characterized by a painterly quality as evidenced by early poster artists Jules Chéret, Alfred Choubrac and Hugo D'Alesi. Cappiello, like other young artists, worked in way that was almost the opposite of his predecessors. He was the first poster artist to use bold figures popping out of black backgrounds, a startling contrast to the posters early norm.
This poster, created around 1900-1910, is an advertisement for the "papier à cigarettes" (cigarette rolling paper). The elephant is an exotic symbol of Africa and Egypt, the country of the Nil river. Exotic symbols were very used during the colonial times of the Belle Epoque.

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